A YouTuber from scratch and make money on YouTube

A YouTuber from scratch and make money on YouTube. If you dedicate yourself to creating content, you are probably wondering how to be a YouTuber and make money on YouTube beyond the typical advertising seen in the videos. What can you generate more income with? What options will be the most profitable for your channel? In this post we explain everything in detail according to the experience we have acquired living from our own channels.

Tips to be a YouTuber and monetize your audience

Tips to be a YouTuber and monetize your audience. Choose a theme that you are good at, that you like, and that can be monetized . For example, the travel or pet sector is very good for making money. Therefore, since there are many people willing to spend a lot of money on traveling or taking care of their pet. Humor channels or those that cover a very general audience can reach a very wide audience. Therefore, but not having a defined professional audience can be more job function email list difficult to monetize. It has worked better for me to make professional channels on a specific topic. Therefore, such as talking only about digital marketing or website creation.

YouTube Programmatic Advertising

Therefore, It is called programmatic because it is what YouTube itself schedules automatically for each video. Therefore, When you click on a video, it is YouTube’s own algorithm that decides which ad to show you. We could say that you will earn €1 for every 1,000 visits and it would. Therefore, be a more or less accurate figure. But you should know that the income you will obtain from your ads will vary greatly taking into. Therefore, account aspects such as: The location of the person visiting you . A visit from Spain is better paid GA Lists than one from Latin America. 

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