11, Oct 2023
Advanced analytics for Retail learn from your customers

Advanced analytics despite being an increasingly necessary advance in companies in almost all sectors, data analytics does not have a very prominent presence in the retail sector, although more and more companies and brands in this sector see the opportunities to have a knowledge and updated customer data. The main objective of exploiting this data is to provide a better shopping experience for customers who are increasingly accustomed to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence being part of their daily lives. So, why not implement these technologies in retail companies?

We can understand the customer and their purchasing

Having an established data model top industry data allows us to better understand the target audience, and therefore, segment customers in order to generate better targeted messages and increase sales. Furthermore, thanks to all the information that the data offers us, we can generate consumption patterns and user preferences, to offer them much more personalized shopping experiences. Likewise, Artificial Intelligence can help us better understand and get to know consumers, attract them, retain them and offer them experiences adapted to their preferences and tastes and thus build a better shopping experience.

Products among different consumer groups.

Optimize processes: data is responsible GA Lists for helping to improve the internal efficiency of processes. It is true that data analytics does not have much presence in companies in the retail sector, but currently it is not necessary to have large volumes of own data, or historical data to be able to propose efficient solutions. By having a series of data and patterns of current anomalies, we can optimize many tasks and processes, for example, automating many procedures within warehouses. Better user experience: Having a suitable data model and exploiting it properly can offer a better customer experience. New technologies allow for new communication channels, such as online chats, which despite seeming very cold, are very useful tools that improve the users’ shopping experience.

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