18, Oct 2023
Advertisers making vertical videos less

Campaign Google prefers the short vertical video more often on its screens. Vertical videos often get more views than horizontal videos in the same YouTube campaign The transformation from videos of many minutes to a vertical format of a few seconds is not a simple change for YouTube. The algorithm has traditionally reward content producers for tens of minutes of videos and the horizontal landscape format has suit Smart TVs and desktop screens well. Content producers and advertisers should keep different formats

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The CEOs 45-minute nterview has its audience in investors journalists and customers but the most juicy parts of the interview can be cut into videos of less than a minute for customers. Earlier this year YouTube business email list launch an ad revenue sharing program for Shorts content creators to encourage them to create short videos. Even in Finland there is less material for shorts than material lasting more than a minute. Insofar as YouTube can ever reach saturation Shorts videos have a long way to go. Being in the

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Means that Google Ads does not allow the visibility of the ad to be strictly limit to the Shorts format only but vertical video ads are currently distribut indefinitely GA Lists in Googles inventory. Advertisers have already been optimizing ads for the Shorts fe by setting only smartphones as the target devices of the campaign or by using the so-call Shorts URL. So far the placement of advertising videos i.e. the possible display in the Shorts fe cannot be found out from Google Ads any better than from YouTube Studios reports. In YouTube

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