19, Oct 2023
Adwords Vs Facebook: Which Advertising Platform

 Adwords vs facebook: which advertising platform for your site? Advertising. Analytics. Online advertising message every self-respecting web marketing strategy cannot ignore paid advertising to promote your business. The results are truly effective and surprising and the two big names. Google and facebook. Have built a real empire. Monetizing on the advertising spaces of their platforms. Google adwords and facebook ads are the two ideal platforms for sponsoring your ads and advertisements. But it is important to clarify how they fulfill different nees and objectives. 

Why choose Google Adwords

To prevent you from spending all your budget incorrectly. We will explain how to evaluate and which.  One to choose between google adwords and facebook new database for your online advertising. Why invest in online advertising? Let’s run the numbers! Although it may seem strange. Many are still uncertain about the real effectiveness of digital advertising compare . To traditional advertising. For this reason it is good to take note . Of the numbers that characterize the entire digital advertising industry. In particular that of google adwords and facebook ads; in 2015 the two platforms controlle approximately 65% of online advertising. Just a year later.

Why choose Facebook ADS

In 2016. The two platforms monopolize the online advertising market. Controlling around 90% of the sector. Increible numbers. You understand well how GA Lists no company should neglect the power of google adwords and facebook ads to promote its brand. The results are guarantee. Why choose google adwords google is the leader. Google adwords. Your extra weapon. The google adwords advertising platform allows you to intercept a very large and varie audience of users who are quickly directe towards your website. So we are talking about well-profile traffic. Intercepte at the moment of nee (I.E. During their searches on google and otherwise). Which can lead to a rapid conversion. 

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