AI Detection Tools for Content Marketers

However, AI-generated text is not a solid replacement for genuine, human-created content. A machine can’t empathize with the audience or create the type of truly original content that search engines love.

But AI-generated content is also getting harder and harder to detect. As a content marketer, you need to know that you’re investing in 100 percent human-generated material, and the right AI detection tool could help you accomplish this.

Why Marketers Should Be Concerned About AI-Generated Content

So how exactly do AI detection tools go about telling the difference between a human-written piece and AI-generated writing that Ws Database just sounds like it was created by a person? They use natural language processing technology to analyze the content for specific patterns.

To be more specific, an AI detection tool looks at each word in a document and rates the predictability of the word that follows it.

If it finds numerous predictable words, the tool becomes more likely to decide that an AI program wrote the text. Human beings, on the other hand, are much more creative. The things they write frequently deviate from highly predictable patterns as a result.

Some other markers that tend to reveal AI content include:

Text that sounds shallow or basic
Repetitious word usage or phrasing
Short sentences that lack complexity and creativity
Inconsistent or out-of-date information
Some AI detection tools can also analyze visuals like images and videos. They generally look for pixel patterns and inconsistencies that give AI imagery away.

Although AI detectors differ in some ways, most have features like the following:

Advanced algorithms to ensure accuracy
Real-time detection interfaces for identifying different types of AI texts
Personalized dashboards that help marketers analyze results
Integration support for various systems, platforms, and tools
Some content production options even come with built-in AI detection. For example, WriterAccess is more than just a great place to hire incredible freelancers. Its AI detection feature ensures that you only purchase 100 percent human-written content.

Top AI Detection Tools

Marketed as one of the most efficient tools of its kind, Originality AI can detect material sourced from all of the most popular AI content generators, including ChatGPT and Google Bard.

This tool is known for catering specifically to online publishers, so it’s a great fit for professionals who need to ensure that GA Lists freelance content is original and human-made.

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