13, Nov 2023
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Company cannot other words, write in a way that a -year-old can understand. Texts for the blog – processing. Creating effective articles is not just about writing text. The best posts are always rich in photos and other meia files. So don’t be afraid to add images, videos and infographics. This will make your post much more engaging. Take care to optimize your images Don’t forget to optimize multimeia files by reucing.  Their weight to spee up page loading. Also think about image SEO – add the main keyword in the name and alt title of the photos you post. 

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Read the text times. Do not publish your text until you are sure that it is of the highest quality. After writing the content, read it again. Do the same after an hour and the next morning to find any errors or things that nee improvement.  Highlight important information Take advantage of the most important feature when writing new content – the formatting function. Highlighting the most important photo editor aspects, by bolding or changing the colok.  Makes viewing easier and adds character to the text. Remember to share When creating long-form articles.  Encourage readers to spread them.

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Consider adding separate links or a plugin that allows you to share.  To Facebook and Twitter with one click. blog texts – links. Add links to the source If you use quotation marks or share information and statistics from other sites on your blog, please include an external link to the source. Even though you will give some SEO power to another site, you will gain in the eyes of the Google algorithm.  Insert internal links. Internal GA Lists linking allows you to add value to the rest of your blog articles. If a phrase or keyword appears in a new text and is relate to a previous article.

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