22, Oct 2023
The Interaction Possibilities That Make It Stand Out in the Digital World

Augmented Reality is a technological resource that offers interactive experiences. The Interaction to the user from the combination between the virtual and physical dimensions, with the use of digital devices. Companies are increasingly aware of the importance that technology represents in people’s lives and, for that reason, many are looking for new alternatives to attract the attention of their audience through digital transformation processes . In this context, Augmented Reality can be of great help, since, in addition to being extremely efficient, it opens up infinite possibilities compared to other technologies.

What The Interaction Are the Differences Between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Although they have a very similar name, their characteristics email database and objectives are quite different. While Virtual Reality creates a totally new environment detached. From the real world, Augmented Reality includes digital components in the physical world that surrounds us . Both require a technological intermediary to access them, however, they offer totally different experiences for users. Virtual Reality replaces the “real” with 100% virtual content. This type of technology allows, for example, to enter games, scenarios and environments, where the user. Performs actions, moves and interacts with completely digital content, through complete immersion.

How Does Augmented Reality Work

The integration between the real world and the GA Lists virtual world is the main objective of this technology. Thus, for Augmented Reality to be reproduced, 3 fundamental components are needed. Through the camera, the real object is transmitted to the software. Which receives the image and combines it with 3D projections. In turn, the projections are introduced into the image and. Superimposed on the physical environment, reflecting the result of the AR to the user.

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