21, Mar 2023
Michaël D. Son Of Axialys Are the Doliners the Douglases of Voip

Therefore, With the as with the , talent is transmitted from father to son as well as the desire to trace one’s own path. The cinema does not necessarily resemble the world of telecoms, whatever… When he produced his first film in this way, in , Michael Douglas exploded the budget initially planned and allocated to the film he and Saul , the financier of the story, spent 4 million instead of the planned. Therefore, He entrusted the production to the Czech Milos Forman, with whom his father almost got angry, for a story of a book not delivered see the story of the film opposite.

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Same by Michael  band which in five years transformed the operator of value-added services for small businesses into a true Cloud Call Center software publisher . Axialys, of which he is the CEO, provides its customers with a SaaS software suite allowing them to manage their telephone Home Furniture and Equipment Stores Email List system and customer relations efficiently, intuitively and in the cloud . Sometimes, the developments requested turn out to be very specific. Therefore, We are a long way from the first services developed for radio stations and their listener service, but if you look closely. The desire to ensure links and effective contact seems to be the common thread.

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Therefore, CEO of Does the dual culture of telecom operator and cloud software publisher allow for specific achievements? Michael That’s exactly what we explain and bring as distinctive advantages, I believe. Here are a As an operator, is able to determine the local PABX through which Ga Lists communication between. The caller customer and customer service transited. This allows the DRCs which have a geographical organization of. Therefore, Their service (points of sale, logistics warehouse, etc.) to distribute. The call load in a completely transparent. Way not to weigh down the IVR with a section for entering the postcode.

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