7, Nov 2023
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Even though is a contribution to Greenpeace that you can give or receive as a gift. Are there any other brands or organizations that you think belong in this list? Let us know in a comment below this article. Almost every new change within Google Ads is dominate by automation. Increasingly, marketers are testing smart bidding and other automate bidding strategies, such as Target CPA or Target ROAS. Which Google Ads trends should you keep in mind? Where one marketer is lyrical, another gets re marks. The big advantage for marketers is of course the fact that you can save a lot of time with automate campaigns.

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 If we look at the other side, it is also a bit ‘scary’. By automating your campaigns you have less grip on your campaigns and photo editor the result, quite exciting! Google BERT Not long ago, Google introduce BERT: the biggest algorithm update in the past years Searchenginejournal. Base on millions of searches, Google has made changes to its algorithm to show better results on more complex searches. In particular, context-base searches are affecte by the BERT update. Good for you as a marketer to know what steps you can take against this.

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This update has major consequences for your SEA campaigns. For example, since this update, Google Google,  recommends purchasing GA Lists your keywords ‘broadly’ in combination with a smart bidding strategy. In this way you no longer only advertise on a keyword, but especially on the intention behind it. An example from Google itself: For example, a very specific search: ‘ five-spee gearbox seal ring drive shaft’ can now match the broad keyword auto parts. In order to make optimal use of the possibilities, it is necessary in to take a closer look at your campaigns. You can expect the following trends. . Hagakure: the new structure for your Google Ads account Haga-watts? Hagakure.

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