11, Oct 2023
This was the II Edition of The future of digital marketing by Alkemy

This was the on October 6, Alkemy Iberia , a leading company in the field of digital transformation. Had one of the largest national events with the latest developments in the sector. Together with the main Spanish partners and advertisers and in collaboration with IAB and The Valley Digital Business School. Alkemy presented high-level presentations that seem like something from the future. But are already things from today. Advertisers, experts and internationally renowned media spoke about: Metaverse, Digital Consulting, Social Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, DAOS and Ecommerce.

10 presentations to begin to understand

Emérito Martínez – Go To Market category email list Director Alkemy Iberia «In the last 15 years we have had to tear down two great walls. To generate a new paradigm: Artificial Intelligence&marketing». Vicente Horcajada. Metaworlds “We were all in the metaverse but until now we had not given it a name.” Pablo Ambrossi, Alkemy “The post-pandemic customer journey has given rise to the next phase of omnichannel purchasing.” The videos of the presentations that were held in the II Edition of “WNXT-The Future of Digital Marketing” in the technological space of The Place at The Valley Digital Business School are now available online: PRESENTATIONS

How what is new today will help us build who we will be tomorrow

Connected technology is now GA Lists integrated into the lives of most people around the world» begins the session moderated by Ruth Blanch. CEO of Alkemy Iberia. To follow Iciar Moscoso and Blanca Perez . Strategic consulting helps companies by correctly defining the digital strategy. This being the most effective way to address digitalization.” The session continues with great presentations such as: Rodrigo González. Country Director of Sales Spotify “ People are listening to more streaming audio than ever.” Clara Elliott-Bauzá, Brand Partnerships Lead TikTok “TikTok has created a new relationship between: commerce, community and entertainment.”

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