Go after featured snippets

A featured snippet answers the searcher’s question with a short answer. Example: Example of a featured snippet. Since Google shows them on top of other results, this can be your shortcut to the very top. You stand the best chance of winning the snippet for keywords where you rank 2-8, and Google already shows a featured snippet. Here’s how to find them: Go to Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and enter your domain. Open the Organic keywords report. Filter for Position 2-8 and SERP features where the target doesn’t rank. Sort the results by Volume high to low for prioritization. Looking for featured snippet opportunities in Ahrefs. Winning the snippet comes down to providing more helpful information than what’s already ranking: fresher data, a more accurate answer, a more comprehensive definition of a term, etc.

Hire someone to translate your top-performing content

People want content in their native language when they search Google—even if their search is in English. Google knows this, and use’s the search’s location and language preference to personalize category email list results. For example, when I search for “link building,” I get Polish results. This is because Google knows I’m in Poland. Example of localized SERP. Despite us having a guide to link building, Google doesn’t rank it for me because it’s in English. By translating it into other languages, we could improve its reach and earn more organic traffic.

Write better titles for popular pages using ChatGPT

If you can make your titles more compelling to the searchers, you can get more clicks even if GA Lists your rank stays the same. With this technique, you’re going to see the biggest lift in content that already brings you traffic. You can find these pages in the Top Pages report in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer, or Google Search Console click data. For us, our list of free keyword research tools gets the most traffic: Organic traffic to our list of free keyword research tools. Here’s our current title for that post: The 9 Best Free Keyword Research Tools Let’s see if ChatGPT can come up with something more interesting and enticing. Here’s the prompt I’ll use:

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