22, Oct 2023
I Subscribed to 72 SEO Newsletters Here Are My 11 Favorites

There are lots of SEO newsletters. Maybe too many. I sacrificed my email inbox to bring you a carefully chosen selection of favorites. Every newsletter included here does four things: Focuses specifically on SEO (and not just marketing) Offers valuable free content (and isn’t locked behind a Substack paywall) Sends regular emails (and hasn’t stopped publishing) Offers something unique (and does it better than any other newsletter) The 11 newsletters featured here cover every corner of the search world, including Google algorithm updates, local SEO tips, detailed tutorials, and new job opportunities. (And if you’d like to choose your own favorites, here’s my spreadsheet of all 72 newsletters.) #SEOFOMO Best for: Getting a little taste of all things SEO Author: Aleyda Solis


Best for Learning SEO’s soft skills Author: Tom Critchlow . Number of subscribers: 10,000 Email frequency: Every few months . Can you sponsor this newsletter? Not currently  “soft skills” of SEO like communication, problem-solving, and leadership. You’re probably pretty great top industry data at keyword research and link building. The SEO MBA will help you level up in other areas. Reporting wins to your boss, pitching new projects, and even interviewing for new jobs. Inbox screenshot of the . SEO MBA newsletter Ahrefs’ Digest Best for: Getting articles like this in your inbox Authors: Si Quan . Ong Number of subscribers: 284,000 Email frequency: Weekly Can you sponsor this newsletter? No

SEO Notebook

Best for: Quick, super actionable SEO tactics Author: Steve Toth Number of subscribers: 16,000 Email frequency: Weekly Can you sponsor this  . SEO Notebook shares tactics plucked directly from author Steve Toth’s notebook. No long essays, no polarizing opinion pieces—just quick recommendations for better rankings. Recent tips include finding zero-volume keywords that actually generate traffic, using regex in. Google Search GA Lists Console, and building links using the power of jealousy. Inbox screenshot of the . SEO Notebook newsletter Search . Engine Journal Best for: Following breaking news and emerging trends Author. Many people Number of subscribers: 200,000 Email frequency: Daily

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