17, Oct 2023
Significantly Impact the Social

In short, emotion prevails over reason when the sensory dose is large. The advantages of having a visual in the Company Visual is what the professional in charge of carrying out this part of the marketing strategy is call . The work carri out will bring immiate benefits for Impact the Social your company, such as: Reflect your brand: a good visual merchandising proposal is consistent with the company’s corporate line. For example, a franchise business should offer all franchisees the same promotions or advertisements. This gives the brand or company a sense of identity and consistency.

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Engage shoppers: An attractive and inviting display window creates a good first impression and encourages people to enter the store. The work of a good visual serves as a guide for business database consumers to find the most appropriate product for their nes. Increases sales: there are many studies that show that when the entire establishment has a correct internal and external design, the elements that make it up offer a pleasant appearance and consumption at the point of sale accelerates and skyrockets positively. Visual Merchandising is not an easy thing Visual merchandising is not an improvis activity.

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You must have clear and concrete concepts of how to carry out the strategy across the sensory spectrum . Even the proposals must be adapt from city to city, since the behavior of an Arequipeño is not the same as that of a Lima native and with greater difficulty GA Lists in the Trujillo public, which is so difficult to persuade. In this sense, Impact the Social efficient visual merchandising serves to generate sales, to direct customers to those products they want or ne and to discover new products that were not in their mind.

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