25, Oct 2023
Is Gmail’s Anti-Fraud Checkmark Trustworthy

Since 2021, Gmail has used a verification system called BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification).

BIMI works as an email standard in which it is possible to add a brand logo to submissions from that domain. Thus, whoever receives the message knows that the sender is genuine.Therefore, the new blue verification badge adds another layer of protection to the Gmail user, now with a visual proof that the sender is trustworthy.

Is Gmail’s Verification Checkmark Really Trustworthy

So far you have understood that it is not just any Gmail account that  Whatsapp Number List can have the blue checkmark.. It’s a way to prevent imposter accounts from impersonating other people on the social network. Later, other networks adopted verification, such as Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

Although each social network or platform has its own criteria for account verification, the blue checkmark is in the imagination of internet users a synonym for credibility

Despite being reliable, considering the entire verification process I described here, it is curious that Google opted for this type of veracity attestation in Gmail after the controversial decision of the blue bird network. In the end, on Twitter, that blue checkmark no longer means legitimacy.

Time will tell how well this strategy will work for Google.

For the end user, the usual recommendation remains: pay attention to the security and privacy policies of the social networks you use and follow best practices to identify if a piece of information is false, which is also part of the internet security package.

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Why did Gmail decide to have a verification badge

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The “verification checkmark” is used on several social networks, such as Twitter. There, the blue seal (or gold, for companies) was free and an indication that the account was of public interest and belonged to that person or entity.

However, the end of the era of trusted “verified profiles” arrived on April 1, 2023, when Elon Musk (CEO of Twitter) thought it would be a good idea to change the rules to acquire the checkmark. Now, any user can have the GA Lists blue checkmark: just pay for Twitter Blue.

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