21, Mar 2023
Jacob Abbou Has Left the Track the World of the Automobile Technical 

The press man and the viewer Born in in Oran. Algeria, Jacob will remain for many the man of the press who created the Journal de in , the title of which he negotiated, according to legend, all night long, with Sergio . The idea for this professional magazine came to him after a trip to Chicago, made with his wife, during which he discovered a magazine called Automotive News. As his wife, Martine Abbou, tells us, Jacob was then an entrepreneur with a passion for automobiles, convinced that a dedicated magazine would make sense. “Back in France, Martine and Jacob put together a project and proposed it to the President of the Automotive News Group.

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Return that the project interests him. That he is going to Paris in the following month and that he will receive the Abbou at the Hôtel de Crillon a few weeks later. The history of the Journal de  we say the JA – starts like this. But the American boss sets such conditions that Martine and Jacob prefer to start without his support”. The magazine’s rapid success prompted them in 1981 to create the Man of the Year prize, rewarding Food Stores Email Lists manufacturers in the sector. Luc Alexandre for Renault, François Michelin, Bernard for Renault Sport, many figures in the sector will be awarded it. As well as Jean Todt, Louis Schweitzer, Carlos GhosnThe interest for the press will never be denied since with his holding company , or in a personal capacity. Jacob will take over Le.

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Entrepreneur as he is in a podcast by Pauline  Jacob. Abbou will have or in the active creation of more than fifty companies, in very diverse sectors where his legendary flair Ga Lists allowed him to detect point bread. or the opening that could turn the project into a success. He was thus a poster (his first job, with Billboard, competitor of JC Decaux), mover  Bretons, Nortier), in addition to press man. Automotive technical control is also one of the sectors where he will be a pioneer by investing in it and becoming the first president of Dekra Automobile France. This capacity for 360-degree vision and interest led him to a few observations: B2B, according to him, is more interesting and recurrent than B2C.

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