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However the. Based Leading the on a single. URL and then distributed across the web by browsing various. URLs on the site. This means that the internal traffic generated from these visits. Has helped these internal URLs rank better for the criteria related to them. This works? What if it works? I’m going to show you real. CTRbox success stories, so you can see it with your own eyes. Okay, I’m going to give you spoilers. It works, a lot and well. Local SEO – Locksmiths This client joined the CTRbox community with the intention of looking for an alternative to SEM for the “Locksmiths” niche.

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In this case, despite having invested in link building, it was not able to top industry data surpass its competitor, and the traffic induced has been differential. As it is local SEO, position control has been done from Madrid. For this project, about 30 daily visits were sent to this word and a derivative. Its stay per visit was set to 4 minutes. Local SEO – Botox Clinic After a month of sending induced traffic, this user managed to get on the second page for a highly competitive keyword. 

Business Consulting From position

In this case, 100 visits were sent daily for 28 days. We also GA Lists implemented a weekly traffic increase of 10%. I leave you more success stories, and you can evaluate. Web of Services – Label manufacturing From position 66 to 7 in just 12 days. Local SEO – Business Consulting From position 11 to 3 in just over 20 days. Ecommerce – Buy pistachios Or from position 4 to first in just over a week. It looks good, right? But, you can’t only achieve your objectives with keywords. This tool also allows you to improve your positioning in other fields .

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