17, Oct 2023
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Through this publication, the authors analyze and highlight the great value of virtual leadership, its contribution to the business sector and its value to successfully face the fourth industrial revolution ; all of this relat to Sustainable Development Goal – SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth. In this context, the authors highlight three aspects that could be consider new paradigms of business management: virtual leadership pursues the same as traditional leadership, however, the face-to-face relationship is chang to focus efforts on managing virtual teams; the new. Life of the business leader must master information and communication technologies (ICT); and social networks are becoming a great contribution to the implementation of this type of driving.

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Virtual leadership is a new way of directing human interactions. To do this, companies must take advantage of the great advantages offer by information and communication technologies (ICT) . “In these times, companies have the ne to business email list know and master ICT. The pandemic test business ability to lead and organize teams in times of crisis. It was a situation never seen before and it leaves us with a great lesson, which is to master technology and learn to lead virtual teams; that is, developing virtual leadership ,” not Franklin Cordova-Buiza.

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The article also highlights the emergence of a “virtual organization in companies”. Not only which requires the development of technological capabilities in employees and bosses. Add to this is the ne to encourage leadership that develops better communication and empathy skills with work teams. “The world is changing GA Lists and that means new ways of running companies. Not only. From the university we must encourage our students to develop their technological, communication and soft skills . Future professionals must be clear that organizations require new forms of leadership,” said Gustavo García-Jiménez.

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