16, Nov 2023
Linkedin profile and publish

Linkedin profile and Icebreakers filter sales navigator saved searches. So what you can do is create one saved search per icebreaker filter. Every week, you will receive dozens of leads with ready-made icebreakers to contact them. Icebreaker saved search list The icebreakers. Will be displayed on the lead lists for all the new leads in your search. Eebreaker sales navigator search saved. When you got these leads in your list you can use  into a CSV and get their emails.

Export Sales Navigator

Leads for free 2. Account searches to generate leads seo expate bd The “Icebreakers Filters” also exist in the Account Search. But it will require a bit more of manual work. The Icebreaker : Hiring on Linkedin Funding Events in the past 12 months Senior leadership changes in last 3 months saved account search sales navigator icebreaker Same thing here, you can create a Saved search for every Account Icebreaker Filter. Navigator Every week will get companies that just: Raised funds Started Hiring Hired new top executives new results saved account searche.

Examples of icebreakers

You can send “Just noticed you started hiring GA Lists on Linkedin for this position” “Congratulations on your fundraising” “Just noticed you recruited a new Head of Sales” Etc  but now you must find the people to send them to.  to use the Account-Based-Search technique. First you must save the new leads in your saved search in an account list. save new results in account list sales navigator Then go back to the lead search and select the list you just created in the “Account List” filter.  the people working in the companies in your list.some filters to get the right decision makers. account based search technique You can now export them into your favorite outreach tool and send them messageswith the icebreakers we’ve seen before. Repeat this process every week and you should get some meetings.

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