22, Oct 2023
What Are the Most Valuable Mexican Brands

Brand Finance is an online brand valuation consultancy that analyzes thousands of companies each year. And, for 2019, presented, through the Royalty Relief method.  What Are the ranking of the 50 most valuable Mexican brands based on their financial value. According to Laurence Newell advisor of Brand Finance Mexico this is because. Mexican brands are very good at serving national and regional consumption, however. Not at doing so on a global level because they are focused on their target market.

What Are Mexican Petroleum

PEMEX was created on June 7, 1938 by President top people data Lazaro Cárdenas del Río and was established as a. State company for the exploration, exploitation, refining, transportation and marketing of oil and natural gas in Mexico. During 2013, during the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto, the energy reform was. Enacted to increase the country’s oil production and its reserves, as well as reinforce the. Stewardship of the Mexican State as owner and regulator of the oil industry.

Corona is a Brand of Mexican

Corona is a brand of Mexican beer that GA Lists came onto  the market in 1925, it is produced by. Grupo Modelo, which is currently part of the Belgian multinational AB Inbev. The company went through many changes throughout history. One of them was the evolution of its beer industry to satisfy a more demanding public. He also created connections with his consumers on an emotional level through well-known Branding strategies . In addition, it is positioned as one of the strongest companies in the country. Ranking number eight with a BSI (Brand Strength Index) of 88.5 out of 100 points.

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