19, Oct 2023
Microtargeting and Political Marketing

 Microtargeting and political marketing: the online strategy to win the 2018 elections. Political communication. 2018 elections the political elections are now upon us. We will most likely vote in march 2018. Therefore now is the time to optimize your online electoral campaign with the tools of microtargeting and political marketing . We vote with a new electoral law. The rosatellum bis . A law that is in some respects different from the “Porcellum”. The new law in fact provides for a mixe electoral system. In which the distribution of seats is 36% majority and the remaining 64% proportional. 231 seats are assigne in the chamber and 116 in the senate. 

What is Microtargeting

Through single-member constituencies . In which the candidate who receives the most votes wins. While for the seats to be assigne with proportional representation the distribution new data takes place on a national basis. Sardinia. Which will have to elect 17 deputies and 8 senators. Should be divide into six single-member constituencies and three proportional constituencies. Parties and candidates must adopt new electoral strategies to be successful in the next electoral campaign. Microtargeting is a political marketing strategy particularly suitable for electoral campaigns that involve direct contact between the candidate and the electorate. 


Microtargeting in the United States

As occurs in single-member constituencies. In which there is a single candidate for each coalition . What is microtargeting? Microtargeting is a relatively GA Lists new tool in political marketing. But it has been use in commercial communication for many years . Its purpose is to address the electoral political message to a highly profile group of voters. How is it possible to have very high precision in identifying a target? Every time we register on a social platform such as facebook. Twitter. Linkein. We leave a series of information necessary to complete the registration: name. Gender. Age. Place of birth. Residence. Etc. 

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