18, Oct 2023
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Studio the following metrics are report for organic Shorts videos impressions in fe views cumulative watch time in hours average duration of views impressions and impression click-through rate. Check out what the Shorts video looks like Shorts videos are suitable for the Reach and Engage phases In SDM we use our MRACE® model for advertising which covers all stages of the purchase path from outreach to measurement. As a form of advertising short videos are suitable for targeting two different groups those who

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And those who already know it somewhat well. The Reach stage is the stage of creating awareness which aims to reach customers and attract business lead attention. Ways to get the viewers undivid attention from the very next second include a split screen for example popular reaction and commentary videos and an interesting person talking or doing something. After the ad the viewer must understand what the product or service is

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Sound so add subtitles if you can at all. The Engage phase on the other hand is the engagement phase for customers who have already purchas after the conversion has taken GA Lists place. In this phase we help the customer get the most out of the product or service share recommend leave a review and act as a brand advocate . Engage advertising brings additional purchases increases the willingness to recommend and increases the value of the customers entire life cycle. Take advantage of vertical video in different channels

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