21, Mar 2023
Negotiator Visitors to the Palace Bean Maker the New Trades of Bakers

The bakers are angry as we have seen in recent days, as will probably be other bosses of SMEs and craftsmen this year, but two of them are downright  Arnold DeBris-Robinson, who manufactures today* his last handcrafted porcelain fèves, , in Sainte-Adresse. And Dominique Anract, boss of the “GIGN” bakers, obliged this year to often visit the Elysée Palace, Bercy and Unesco. A baker who is in the customer experience, as he to us during the Forum on this subject, in La Baule, is rare. The famous and passionate ex-baker based in Paris 16 (à la Pompadour, rue de la Tour) has had to voice the anger of his troops in recent days, that the increase in energy prices has plunged into doubt not only metaphysical.

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The necessary background and interpersonal skills. Bakers are our friends at work early in the morning, workers, able to on Facebook from Auvergne, practicing integration (many bakeries have been Wholesale Email List bought by Tunisians), they are even in love with their wives and not only in the cinema. Raimu, in a legendary film, went on a bread strike after his beauty had left her. The one we went to meet this month is not on strike but he is, like the baker in the film, friendly and a brawler. Dominique Anract deserved to open this series of Citizen Kane Retail.

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Dominique Anract President of

The National Bakery Pastry Confederation Edouard Jacquinet Other journalist colleagues, who painted his portrait before me, wrote that he has a minister’s diary, it’s true: his 06 rings nonstop but, well brought up, he doesn’t answer, even if he doesn’t. it is television that solicits him. – that he is in the oven and at the mill, it’s true: owner of Ga Lists the Pompadour, a bakery near the town hall of the 16th arrondissement, Dominique Anract has an eye on everyone: the man who arrives this morning, on his Honda Goldwing kisses his employee who is busy at the coffee machine, greets a client whose first name his mental CRM brought to his brain in less time than Salesforce and answers my questions, however strange.

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