Advantages Does Augmented Reality Offer Companies

Although the most popular applications of Augmented Reality are, for the most part, intended for entertainment – such as games – companies from different segments. Can also apply it, for example, in development. of their products and in their Marketing strategies . Augmented Reality creates many opportunities and can completely transform the way brands approach and relate to their consumers. AR allows the customer to interact better with a product. Advantages Does its properties, characteristics. And operating details, and in this way, can get to know it better before purchasing it.

Advantages Does Interactive Marketing Experience

When applied to Marketing, which can be traditional or digital email leads Augmented Reality strengthens the relationship between the public and the brand, conquers new customers and promotes a perception of an innovative company to the public. A few years ago, National Geographic created an Augmented Reality application that surprised many people in London. The action turned a space inside a shopping center into a place where people could swim with dolphins, have a cheetah as a pet or see dinosaurs walking among them.

Examples of Augmented Reality for Our Daily Lives

You don’t have to look too hard to find practical GA Lists examples of Augmented Reality that can, and in many cases already are, applied in our routine. Whether for entertainment, optimizing tasks, facilitating processes, among others, AR is always present. Below, we give you 4 practical examples of its use. A perfect example of augmented reality that has gone truly viral are the Snap Chat and Instagram filters. The apps algorithm calculates reference points in the camera image, based on thousands of previously collected photographs. In this way, it manages to insert the “digital drawings” of the filters perfectly.

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