10, Oct 2023
Product Trends & Innovations

Remember that strategy is part of the game. It is currently in the firs Product Trends t position and has not received traffic from. CTRbox for months, which allows it to launch traffic on other. Images and position them as well. SERP + BRAND The tool is programmed so that it can. Only visit keyword results between the first and second results sheet. In this case, the client was not among the first two search. Sheets, so a brand project was carried out in. CTRbox to associate it with a criterion, in this way it was positioned. Without having to search for the brand. I explain how it works.

Both keywords with Product Trends the client's brand

If 9 out of 10 people search for “Fulanito leather category email list shoes”, to the tenth user who searches for “leather shoes”, Google will also show the result for “Fulanito”, since it understands that the Fulanito URL satisfies the search intention for “leather shoes”. If the induced traffic searches for, “botox results Fulanito”, the client’s URL aspires to be positioned for “botox results” which will always appear on the first page (normally in the first position). So you can send visits by keywords and a derivative to force Google to associate both keywords with the client’s brand. In 4 months this client managed to go from a non-indexed URL.

Programmed so that it can only visit keyword

To position 16 for a highly competitive GA Lists word. Results in positioning – Botox results A good listener, few words are enough. NOTE: This also means that by sending traffic to a word like “botox”, we also indirectly generate increases in positions in all words related to its semantic field, for example: facial botox From being indexed to position 11 in just 4 months. BOOM! On-brand results These types of projects, while improving positioning, also give rise to forcing the suggest. NOTE: Let’s see, it is also true that Google is removing many brand suggestions for certain keywords, but there is still hope. The main keyword search tools are already taking our client’s brand into account (third result).

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