17, Oct 2023
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Metropolitan Lima” (INEI, 2022, p.1) What is indicat by the INEI, in its last technical bulletin of May of this year, shows the reality of inflation reaching the value of 8.78% at the national level. It must be remember that there is the following inflation classification: Moderate, when the price index reaches an annual cumulative figure of one digit (0 to 9%). Gallop, when indicat in two digits (10 to 99%) Hyperinflation, from 3 to more digits. We could refer to some cases of inflation, such as mild or moderate inflation in Peru, which was for many years in the target range establish by the Central Reserve Bank, between 1 and 3% and even the current 8%.

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On the other hand, galloping inflation would be what Argentina currently has at 55%; while Venezuela presents a serious case of hyperinflation with a million percent. How to stop inflation? To have an idea of ​​how to stop inflation, we must take into account the role play by the world’s central banks, such as the North American Feral Reserve, the European Central Bank or the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP), which ensures monetary stability. and, in situations of inflation, it follows an b2b leads appropriate monetary policy. For example, by applying a restrictive policy, rucing the monetary mass present in the market in a possible case of abundance of bills and coins and little supply of goods and services, the BCRP would increase the reference rate in the financial system , making that banking entities increase their transaction rates.

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Thus, customers will think twice before making a purchase via crit card since said purchase would be much more expensive than if purchas in cash. A new article from our university enters the most important database of scientific content in the world: Scopus . From the Faculty of Business, School of Administration and Marketing, professors Franklin Cordova-Buiza and Moisés Gustavo García-Jiménez , in inter-institutional GA Lists collaboration with also university professors Pamela Aguirre-Parra (Cayetano Heria University) and Diana Carolina Martínez-Torres (Fundación Universitaria Colombo Internacional-Colombia), publish Virtual Leadership as a development opportunity in business context .

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