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Social networks already reduces the number of objections at the time of negotiation. Focus on value and benefits Rather than just focusing on the product’s features, it’s important that you highlight its benefits and value to the customer. Show how your product or service can solve problems, meet their specific needs, and make life easier. This helps add value to the product. Knowing how to deal with possible objections and doubts from your leads is fundamental and decisive when closing a sale. The Instagram stories tool is one of the most effective. Ways to increase brand engagement and visibility, as well as improve your account reach. However, making strategic stories for your brand on Instagram is much more than just filming the routine at the clinic or posting photos of the team. The secret here is to be strategic, constant and always follow a

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You want to take that follower. Is it worth making stories for your brand? First, we need to comment here that we live in an era where proximity and familiarity between expert and target audience are the basis of good RELATIONSHIP MARKETING . Stories VP Compliance Email Lists allow for a closer and more authentic connection with the audience. In addition, it is easier TO HUMANIZE the brand by sharing personal. And professional moments that help build an image closer to the public. In this sense. Stories are a dynamic and interactive way to share content. And you can use different tools to engage and increase interaction with the brand. polls Questions Quizzes .How to make strategic stories? Now that you already know about the importance of stories to create closer contact with the public, we need to talk about STRATEGY .

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Rate than the conventional feed, that is, more people will have access to the shared content. This happens because they appear at the top of the application’s screen and are available for only 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging the public to follow the updates daily. But one of the most important things about this tool is that it offers the possibility to insert external links. This allows you to guide your audience through. Pages and videos that GA Lists can convert them into a sale or a subscription to your YouTube channel , among other options. Some practical tips on how to produce strategic stories Presenting the problem: People often don’t know they need medical. Help because they don’t understand their symptoms. In this way, pointing out possible pain points and solutions to resolve the situation is a great way to show the customer how he can benefit from your service.

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