22, Oct 2023
Refresh pages with outdated information

If people searching for your topic want fresh information, you’ll lose traffic and rankings if you don’t update your page. Google will simply rank pages with fresher content above you. On the bright side, this traffic is usually easy to reclaim. All you need to do is replace the old with the new and remove any stuff that is no longer relevant. For example, people searching for industry statistics don’t want facts from years ago. That’s why our curated lists of industry statistics usually get a boost in traffic when we update them. And it’s less than a day’s work to revisit the stats and replace them if needed.

Redirect dead pages with backlinks

Dead pages are pages that no longer exist on your site. If they have backlinks, this is a huge waste of link equity. Usually, backlinks are slow and hard to get. After all, they’re one of the strongest ranking factors. But with this technique, you’re in control of the backlinks—so you can give your SEO a boost fast. Go to Ahrefs’s Site Explorer and enter your domain. Go to the Best by industry email list links report. Add a 404 filter. Looking for dead pages with backlinks. Next, redirect these broken pages to relevant live pages on your site. If a page has been removed by accident, consider reinstating it. The whole process goes like this:

Boost pages with internal links

Internal links are links from one page on the same domain to another. One of their main roles in SEO is that they aid the flow of PageRank (aka “link equity”). This means that you can use internal links to give pages on your site an SEO boost. For example, we’ve linked from our free backlink checker GA Lists tool to some of our articles on link building with the aim of boosting their rankings. Example of internal links. The key to making this work is to link between relevant pages. Ahrefs Site Audit identifies these automatically: Go Site Audit and choose the site you want to work on. Open the Internal link opportunities tool. Link opportunities tool in Ahrefs. Pay particular attention to the source page, 

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