11, Oct 2023
Russell Brunson Don’t make me so fun that you won’t Junk-o anymore

Riiiiiing, Riiiiing. Tell me Victor. Hey José, a question: have fifty-odd dollars been charged to the Paypal account? Let me see …. No. Why? Nothing, I made a purchase a couple of days ago and they keep telling me that my purchase is halfway done. Maybe I did it wrong… Hello again! How are you? Good? I hope so! Me here, today with half a liter less blood in my body, happy for the success of thetipodesangre.org campaign and allowing myself a few minutes to spend with you and tell you what happened to me with Russel and his FunnelHacker Blackbox , which left me very chof. Would you like to stay a little while? table of Contents

The story of the confused purchase and the forced draw

At that time, an email arrived in my mailbox, sent by Jorge González, saying that he had already received category email list his new book “ Expert Secrets ” and that he thought it was quite good (affiliate link). Ha ha ha. So I, almost everything Jorge says, I do without questioning (except making videos without a shirt… I’m not ready for that yet), so I went to buy it. Vic, you have to read this book (I told myself). Vic, it’s in English. Are you stupid or what? (I told myself again). Well, this way I kill two birds with one stone. (I concluded). The book promised to lay the foundations in the design and strategy related to the creation of sales funnels . Ains, thank goodness, I thought (I was very thoughtful). We need to put a little order because people are losing their minds with so many automated funnels (without chicken as a head). TRUE?

From the free book (shipping only) to the complete pack

I applauded Russel, I have to admit . His offer said something like “get the printed book absolutely free, just pay for shipping and handling.” There it is nothing. Who would refuse? Ha ha ha. Yes, I’m also thinking the same thing : “this is a scam, you end up paying GA Lists for the book.” Of course. But the fact is that I had already decided that I wanted the book so I filled out the fields and clicked next . What I didn’t know is that, before finishing the purchasing process, Russel was going to show me a series of incremental and tremendously seductive offers along the lines of “since you plan to buy the book, take advantage of the order to get all this, and this, and this, and also this, valued at I don’t know what billion dollars, for a rubbish increase of $30”… Silly town, I fell I fell .

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