8, Oct 2023
Sell products on Amazon

Is it true that I can also sell my own products on Amazon? Of course yes, in fact, this business model is widely used by thousands of people who. Whether or not they have their own eCommerce.  Want to market their products taking advantage of the trust that consumers have placed in this platform. To explain step by step the entire process that you must follow here. If you want to embark on this Internet business model, I have invited Luis Pérez, a specialist in this topic, for this post. Luis explains to us in detail each step to follow.

Professional account

How to create an email database account to sell on Amazon and what type of investment I need, to which would be the product families that could bring us the greatest economic benefits on this platform. And now, that you are already very interested in learning more about this topic, I invite you to carefully follow this very complete tutorial. Mega Step-by-step guide: how to create a professional account and start selling your products on Amazon? How to Sell Your Own Products on Amazon Step by Step? When it comes to selling on this platform.

Products on Amazon

One could emulate those newspaper GA Lists sellers who attracted people by shouting “breaking news, breaking news!” And it is a daily non-stop. Therefore, at this step we will have to create a new journalistic specialty: “ Amazon specialist ”. Indeed, the appetite of this giant does not stop growing, there is no sector that can resist it, it seems that now they want to land in the pharmaceutical sector, and that they are going to promote the B2B business in which they have a dominant position also in their country of origin.

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