23, Oct 2023
SEO is essential for selling on

Optimizing your website is the key to becoming authoritative in your market. Increasing conversions and stopping using paid advertising. Having a website to sell your products is a necessary. But not sufficient condition to be able to sell. Your products or services to the public online. In practice, if you have a website it doesn’t mean that. You will be able to sell your products online . Why? Because, besides you, there are millions of other sites. That may be selling the exact same products and have had a site much longer than you. This is where search engine optimization comes

Without seo you lose

A very nice saying goes the best place to hide. Something is the second page of google. And it really is like that. Consider that only 0.78% of users who search on. Google go all the way to the second page. This means that, in practice, all users stop at the first country email list page , or rather. At the first three results. Do you know what percentage of people  click on the first result . And what about the first 3 results ? 75.1%. Amazing, right. So, if almost a third of users stop at the first result, we agree that to be found by your audience.

Without seo you will always have to

Both and paid campaigns on google have their cost. The cost of is given by the analysis of the site audit. And the implementation of the activities. Necessary for the optimization of the site . The cost of. Pay per click – campaigns, on the other hand, is given by the budget. You decide to invest  to sponsor your products or services. Both, therefore, involve an expense, but there are 3 GA Lists very important variables. That play in favor of . A page optimized and positioned on google will bring. You results in the long term while a page sponsored. Through paid campaigns will disappear once the campaign ends.

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