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.Liked these tips and would like to check out more, download our free e-book! How to measure the success of your Instagram Stories? At this point we enter the field of metrics analysis. For example, Instagram Insights is a good option allowing you to analyze: impressions Reach Engagement However, Instagram Insights is not a full reporting option. For example, here at Pipe, our team works with reporting platforms that integrate metrics from all platforms. That is, if you used the stories strategically, with an integrated report it is possible to analyze the real impact that the material created on other networks. Maybe it’s something that many don’t know, but Instagram was created with the intention of being a social network of relationships between people. It was a space to share experiences and memories instantly.

Then users began to use it for

Other purposes, one of which was the promotion of its services and content DISTRIBUTION . Thus, the application underwent some modifications to improve the experience for these people, until it reached the layout Chief VP Operations Email Lists we know today. Until then, the dynamics of Digital Marketing on Instagram have changed a few times. Therefore, it is good to pay attention so that you do not use the wrong strategy. How does the Medical Marketing dynamic work on Instagram today? Despite having reinvented itself, it still aims at the relationship between its users . But how to do that being a doctor? Instagram today is characterized by the creation of relevant content. Relevant content delivers useful information to people, establishing a relationship of trust between the doctor and the users. This relationship of trust can generate other major results for the professional, such as growth in AUTHORITY.

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Development of a base of contacts

Greater relevance and increased opportunities. But this only happens to those who bring important conversations to the audience and bring truths about it with an allied STRATEGY . Also read: HOW TO GAIN AUTHORITY ON SOCIAL NETWORKS AND GAIN RELEVANCE Instagram as a sales tool The social network is full of great resources to help you SELL.  And if they are combined with the right strategy and constancythey will possibly bring you great results. If your clinic doesn’t already have a business account, it’s best to do so now. Business GA Lists accounts make your brand appear more in searches related to your niche, bringing more profile visibility and attracting LEADS . A strategy focused on relevant content with your medical content DNA on Instagram can help you use all this information to your advantage. Careful! Avoid applying several tools at once, they need to be well aligned to achieve your goals.

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