17, Oct 2023
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It is also not recommend to enter the speculative world of buying and selling dollars, due to its international vulnerability, which has repercussions in some way on the national context and which, combin with the political situation, makes it a risky business. As we see, there are several actions to take against inflation. In this regard, the reactions of businessmen are diverse and it is recommend that they acquire raw materials and inputs in a calculat manner to avoid economic imbalances in the future, Sustainable Approach the as well as avoid losses in jobs, which in turn generate paralysis in work centers, something which is reflect negatively in macroeconomic indicators or GDP.

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Consequences of inflation The most palpable consequence of inflation is the loss of purchasing power of the currency, a problem that is transferr to families, as they are not able to pay for goods and services b2b email list with the same amount of money with which they previously did. svg E And just as happen in Peru in the 80s, with the first government of Alan García, society as a whole will show its discomfort in the face of similar situations. We must highlight, in the technical part, that inflation is measur with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

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b2b email list

This work in Peru is carri out by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics. “In the month of May 2022, the National Consumer Price Index increas by 0.36%, accumulating an increase of 3.53% in the GA Lists five months of the year; Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Lima Consumer Price Index increas by 0.38% this month, registering an accumulat variation of 3.21% in the January – Sustainable Approach the May period. The annual rate, corresponding to the last twelve months, shows a variation of 8.78% for the National indicator and .

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