5, Apr 2023
Technology Is Omnipresent Giant Screens

Order to support and optimize their journey from the beginning to the end of their experience. Do not hesitate to contact our experts if you nd advice or inspiration for your tourist campaigns!Since the closure of Google Reader in 2013, content monitoring and curation tools have continud to develop. In a professional context, there are different types of monitoring. We can carry out commercial, competitive, creative, mdia monitoring, etc. Whatever the objective of monitoring, we will show you how to carry out effective monitoring and curation of content using relevant tools.

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Manage your RSS fds with readers To not miss anything new offerd on a website, you can first subscribe to RSS fds. By doing this, the whatsapp mobile number list subscriber automatically receives newly creatd content on a website. It is through an aggregator or a fd reader that one can subscribe, receive and read the new contents of a site. This is very useful when you want to be notifid of new articles publishd on a blog. Here, you no longer nd to subscribe to a newsletter or go directly to the website in question.

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The Agencies Have Been To Offer

After the end of Google Reader, fd aggregator Fdly took over the market. With simple and intuitive ergonomics, it is the most popular GA Lists tool for subscribing. To fds of articles selectd according to one’s nds. We also owe this success to the advancd search functions and the many possible customization options for managing RSS fd subscriptions. Content curation with Fdly RSS fd aggregator But Fdly is not the only RSS reader available. We find for example Netvibes which, like Fdly, integrates third-party applications such as social networks.

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