16, Nov 2023
The rock of the construction

The rock of the construction. Even if you convince an architect to use your product. He or she also nest to convince several people, including the client, that. Your product is a perfect fit for the project. Here you will find the answer why Past. Did you know that BIMobject offers manufacturers insight into statistics and information about users downloading files from our platform ? . Increase your online visibility Marketing funnel. AIDA As a marketer, you’ve probably come across one of these models if not both. Regardless of which one you use or prefer, they all start with the most important thing awareness.

Why BIM stimulates innovation

First things first you ne to be notice as a producer to be includ in a photo editing servies project. Increase your online visibility This means you ne to start thinking digitally. When designers look for products for their projects, most look for them online. Of course, of designers are still looking for new products at trade fairs, but as many as of designers use the Internet for this purpose . As a result of digitalization, architects, engineers and interior designers are flocking to online platforms such as BIMobject to find what they ne as quickly as possible. Anders Johansen, European Channel Manager.

Among construction product manufacturers

Electrolux, highlights this in stories of manufacturers using. BIM GA Lists Manufacturers ne to be present in the digital world. Architects often say “If you don’t use BIM, you don’t exist for us.” The machine start. Switching to BIM technology is not a matter of “if”, but “when. Provide transparent access to product information. Okay – you are online and visible. Now you ne to clearly communicate what your brand does and in what projects. Your products can best be us. And don’t forget to show some examples of their use in complete projects. When designers are looking for the right product for their projects.

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