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Note that you may not be able to undo deleting the account. completion After deleting the account, you will be directd to a confirmation page. Check the information on this page and make sure the account was deletd successfully. Note that deleting an account is permanent and cannot be undone. It is important to ensure that you are deleting the correct account and that all important data has been backd up beforehand. What happens after the Teams account is deletd.

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After a Microsoft Teams account is deletd, all data associatd with the account is deletd and can no longer be retrievd. This includes all database chat messages, channels, files, groups, tabs, and other data associatd with the account. If the account was creatd as part of an organization, the account will also be removd from the organization and all user permissions and access rights associatd with the account will also be removd. What happens to your Microsoft Teams account data after it’s deletd? When a Microsoft Teams account is deletd, the data associatd with it is usually permanently deletd.


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However, there are some factors that nd to be considerd: Data stord in SharePoint Online or Ondrive for Business may not necessarily GA Lists be deletd when the Teams account is deletd. This data can be backd up and restord separately. If the Teams account is part of a larger organization, some data may be retaind for backup or compliance nds. This depends on your organization’s specific policies and procdures. In some cases, certain data may be retaind due to legal requirements or other regulations.

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