25, Oct 2023
The Storytelling Pyramid in Marketing How Freytag Can Help You

They’re literally everywhere, from billboards, leaflets, newspapers, and magazines to online ads that follow us across the internet. Even when we’re trying to relax, there are ads on TV, too.

Now think about how many of those ads you still remember right now. Chances are, if an ad has stuck in your mind, it’s because it had a great story that drew you in.

Storytelling really is an art, and it’s one that you can apply to your marketing to increase your likelihood of connecting with your audience and making the sale.

The Importance of Storytelling in Marketing

According to HubSpot, “Stories solidify abstract concepts and simplify complex messages.” Stories help us understand new ideas, look at the Ws Number List world from someone else’s point of view, and accept, or at least acknowledge, a different opinion than our own.

And in marketing, storytelling can really draw your audience in and sell for you. You can bring people into your story and have them sympathize with the main character and the problem that they face.

Situations, concepts, and ideas can become completely relatable. You can teach your audience that the solution to their problem is what you sell.

Good brand storytelling enhances your reputation and increases the public’s knowledge of your brand. You can have your audience picturing themselves buying your product or service and imagining the results they’ll get.

Storytelling allows businesses to create a deeper and more emotional connection with their target audience. A well-crafted story can help brands to communicate their values, mission, and unique selling proposition in a way that is engaging, memorable, and relatable.

You could bring your audience to a point where they are convincing themselves to buy what you sell and justify the purchase.

Storytelling really is extremely powerful, and there’s no need to limit it to fiction. Not when it can have such a positive impact on your marketing.

What Is The Storytelling Pyramid

This is the beginning of the story and involves what Freytag termed “Exposition.” The author sets the stage while introducing characters and the current situation. World-building is part of the introduction as well.

This phase also includes the “Exciting Force,” which some people call the “Inciting Incident.” This is the point when either an outside  influence forces the GA Lists  protagonist to take action and get involved in the story or the protagonist makes a choice to do so.

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