21, Mar 2023
The Troublemaker Emmanuel Mignot Founder of Teletech International

This is the story of a passionate, a visionary who wanted, like another EM, to shake up the call center sector and promote telework . But “Because I want to” is not always enough. Did he only state, in this form, his desire, tenacious and indisputable, to re-read the number of projects that he will have initiated? Time has passed, not his attachment to Dijon, to walks. It is with the journey of a pain in the ass that we begin the telework section which will take place in each issue of En-Contact, from now on.  We know that history is capricious, quick to relegate certain dreamers or visionaries to the shadows for whom it was a hair’s breadth of pragmatism or strategy in order to attract the spotlight to them.

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Case of Emmanuel Mignot, a pioneer in the field of call centers in the 80s and the dematerialization of work in general, which he promoted by launching his own press title in 1995, Télétravail Magazine. Looking back on his career, one cannot help but notice the foresight of the man who said of himself, “I have always been seen as General Merchandise Stores Email List a pain in the ass in this environment. » Emmanuel Mignot From Burroughs to Multicontact. Recklessness of youth, he forgets to enroll in preparatory class and leaves Dijonto integrate the IPAG, a management school for “dads sons” at the time, according to the person concerned. He completes it with a DEA in marketing.

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At school a computer training

Two hours in all and for all in the whole of the course, is enough to put a flea in his ear, “for me it had been a kind of shock, I said to myself if we don’t get trained in that, we won’t be able to run businesses. It was this conviction that led him to Burroughs, the world’s second-largest IT company, which offers Ga Lists a three-month training course in this area. He plans to stay there for a year, he will spend five years there. It was then that he wanted to return to his first love, or weapons, marketing. Entry into the telemarketing sector is a happy coincidence that English designates with this fashionable word “serendipity”. Consulting the Yellow Pages in Dijon, Emmanuel Mignot came across an ad: “and a box called PNP marketing.

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