17, Oct 2023
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Visual merchandising is a practice of any business model that applies retail, physical or virtual, that appeals to emotions to assertively impact its target audience. Through Initiatives That. This tool uses spaces, color, lighting, temperature, screens, technology and other elements with the sole purpose of capturing the attention of real consumers; but above all the potential, not only through showcases, gondolas, shop windows, but also through the corners and seasonals . This practice is already part of the marketing strategies of the main international firms, call globalbrands , whose ultimate objective is to use physical or virtual space to attract customers through the senses and surprise them with a good shopping experience.

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All of this generates more sales, strengthens brand recall processes and ensures the cycles of each campaign. This sensory strategy combines the principles of marketing, design, advertising, but above business lead all creativity ; both the store and everything relat to the way of presenting the products. Let us remember that it is not visual merchandising to fill the windows of the shop windows with posters, competing for price; let us remember that we do not compete with cost, but with differential values. How can visual merchandising help you in your retail or business? All stores can benefit from visual merchandising .

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Currently, it is important for the brand to know what the placement and arrangement of its products in the store should be to achieve greater profitability; complying GA Lists with the same line of coherence. The majority of studies carri out reaffirm that “the emotional component is mainly responsible for purchasing decisions, up to 80%”. Through Initiatives That. Not only. Therefore, correct motivation towards the product manages to reinforce positive actions in consumption, increasing sales. This is because the consumer, when making decisions about purchasing a product, pays more attention to the intangible factors that the product offers.

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