21, Nov 2023
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To email What is URL canonicalization? Canonicalization is the process of determining the main URL for indexing by a search engine (from several duplicate pages at different addresses. This process occurs automatically, but search engines do not always correctly interpret which address is more important. Manually configuring canonicalization using the canonical tag (rel=”canonical”) prevents this problem. In short, the canonical tag tells search engines which URL should be displaye in the index results for a given phrase. Looks like this: canonical url – example Why is URL canonicalization so important? The answer is simple. Duplicate content without canonicalization reirection  positioning problems canonicalization problems.

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When search engines index several URLs with identical or very similar content, SEO will be significantly hampere. Here are the main reasons: When web crawlers are force to crawl through too much duplicate content, they often miss unique and key content. If the robots do not know which subpage is the original, the search engine photo editor independently determines which URL will be displaye. All this leads to a weakene position in the search engine and possible further positioning problems. Check out the fastest WordPress hosting and Ecommerce hosting on the market . Example of using a canonical address Let’s imagine that.

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AgeVerify AgeVerify has the same name as the previous plugin, but is not relate to it. It can be considere an interesting alternative and a rd way to verify age on WordPress. plugin ageverify wordpress AgeVerify allows you to configure what age checks look like in every way. What’s GA Lists more, in addition to ‘fighting with the settings’ yourself, you can also choose from dozens of ready-made templates. However, a huge disadvantage is the display of ads in the free version of the plugin.

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