22, Oct 2023
Time for You to Start Selling to the Mind and Not to People

Neurosales allow us to apply all the knowledge we have about the human. Therefore, Brain and emotions to help complete the buying and selling process. Every day we receive thousands of stimuli influencing us to consume, either directly or indirectly. With so many suggestions, only one trigger is needed to lead us to. Time for Immediate consumption, which pleases Marketing professionals . Therefore, It is about that and much more that we will discuss today. In this post you will learn what neurosales are, its importance. The keys to making it work and its relationship with neuromarketing .

What are Time for neurosales

Neurosales are sales generated thanks to the application email contact list of what we know about the human brain and its reactions to certain stimuli. Therefore, That is, neuroscience gives us support to make sales. Understanding how the mind works to make decisions is essential to be successful in neurosales. In the 1960s, the American neuroscientist Paul MacLean developed the theory of the 3 brains or the triune brain. Therefore, This theory was used to explain human behavior in a simple way . This concept explains that the human brain is divided into 3 other brains.

What is the Importance of Neurosales

There are various sales strategies GA Lists that we can apply, however. Neurosales allow us to communicate with the brains responsible for decision-making. Through various codes it is possible to connect with the buyer’s brain and induce him to carry out a business. For this it is necessary to understand what triggers we must activate to make a sale. Therefore, With neurosales it is possible to use information about what drives people to act and thus stimulate them in the most effective way possible.

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