23, Oct 2023
Top10 of the most viewed articles on the blog in

The year 2014 is ending and I couldn’t Top10 of say goodbye to you until next year without my last article! In order not to beat you up too much on this important date, in which you the blog in have so little time available to read, I wanted to make a compilation of the best articles on the blog (the ones that you have consulted the most) so that you can find them in a very easy way. fast and when you need them!!! Although my initial objective before creating the blog was to publish 2 posts a week, with the development of the blog and with.

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 In 2015 I hope to continue writing posts category email list that maintain your interest to receive your visits, because for me it is an honor to see that every week my articles. Without further ado these are the 10 most visited posts on my blog during 2014 . I start this list with the most popular up to number ten. You can read the article by clicking on the titles. In this post we talk to you about the functions you must perform to work as a digital trafficker. In the world of digital marketing, new professions continue to emerge. Some go unnoticed and others are going strong. Thus, just as a few years ago it was fashionable to be a Community Manager , today there are other types.

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By all of you!!! Did you like the top10? What GA Lists other blog articles did you like? I would love to know your opinion in the comments and what your favorite  articles are!!! I say goodbye to you and this splendid year and if you liked the article, you are invited to share it on your social networks. Thank you very much Francisco for such a good and enriching comment!!! If it has been a very good 3 months, when I started I didn’t even imagine it, it is the result of all your visits. 

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