19, Oct 2023
Towards the 2018 Policies. Do Politicians Snub Linkedin

 Towards the 2018 policies. Do politicians snub linkein? Big mistake political communication. Elections a few months towards the 2018 policies. Why not consider linkein? There is no doubt that social meia marketing will play a central role in the next election campaign. We know well the importance of facebook. Twitter and instagram in online political communication. Whether there are ideas on how to use them is another matter. Eh. But are we sure that there is no nee to broaden our horizons and evaluate the effectiveness of other platforms? 

What exactly is LINKEDIN today

In this article we want to analyze and study the usefulness of linkein in the eitorial plan of a candidate who is preparing to compete for a seat in special data the next parliamentary election. Let’s say right away that. If you are an outgoing deputy or senator. And you have not yet become aware of the importance of this platform. Well then we have some problems. Worse if our aspiring parliamentarian holds a position as a public administrator. Not considering linkein is a serious strategic mistake. And we explain why. What exactly is linkein today? We are talking about a social platform create to look for work. And which over time has evolve to become the largest global professional online network. Frequente by: entrepreneurs. Managers. Professionals. 

To what extent are Italian politicians present

Commercial agents and brokers. Workers. Specialize workers. Researchers. Professors. University professors. Banking operators. Insurers. Traders. Doctors and many other GA Lists protagonists of the world of work. You understood well; linkein hosts figures from the world of work in all its facets: the over 10 million members represent a good portion of those who generate the gross domestic product of the italian company. Now. We can renew the challenge: if you are a politician or aspire to become one. Can you give up talking to such an audience? The answer is quite simple. No. You can’t. Under no circumstances. 

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