21, Mar 2023
Two Former Fidelia Assistance Telephone Advisers at the Palais Bourbon

The last promotion of the legislative elections was by the arrival of a species in the process of appearing in the political jungle, the deputies coming from civil society with a Working class tendency : Rachel Kéké, ex-housekeeper, has thus done a lot talk about her (the largest Ibis hotel in Europe became famous because of the fight led by this cleaning lady and her fellow employees of the subcontractor STN). Two former teleadvisers, Andy Kerbrat and Ségolène Amiot, have left Fidelia Assistance’s telephone platforms, but not the need to argue. Deputies from France Insoumise, themselves in a trade union fight. For the last two, this fight in having the existence of acoustic shocks in the call centerof Fidelia Assistance in Nantes.

For those who know the job

The ability to listen and the respondent that is there, these twin trajectories not surprising. For the others, we thought it would be interesting to ask them to tell about these formative years and why this profession, which in a way opened up such great prospects for them, suffers from so many negative prejudices Restaurant Email List among the general public. ? Ségolène Amiot – credit Edouard Jacquinet Deputy Factory It’s noon when we glean about twenty minutes from Andy Kerbrat’s overloaded agenda. The thirty-two-year-old neo-deputy has just gotten up: the session in the Assembly until half past six in the morning.

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Let it be said at National

Assembly sleepless nights are studious and remunerative for. The thousand and a few civil servants working in the lower house who benefit from night bonuses. But that’s another subject). Ségolène Amiot and Andy Kerbrat have used a device contained in the labor code, the provision, which allows them to suspend their activities at Fidélia Ga Lists Assistance for the duration of the mandate. After which they will have two months to approach their company and possibly request an end of availability. The company will then have three months to offer them an equivalent position. “There is therefore a risk of going back,” explains Kebrat, “otherwise, obviously, I would have quit.” Andy Kerbrat began his career at Fidelia Assistance during the summer season after studying at university which, in his words, was unsuccessful.

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