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Images – Alisombra In this case, once it was detected that Google’s SERP displayed the image carousel in a relevant way and given the complexity Unlocking Product of positioning the keywords “terrace awnings” as a URL, another strategy was chosen. Position an image. I explain the strategy to you. We made sure that the criteria highlighted the image carousel in the SERP once we searched for the criteria in question. We searched in the image search engine for the same criteria and located the first one that appeared from our client’s domain. Once located, we proceeded to send the visits through the Vitalink.

In about a month the Unlocking Product image was in the top positions

IMG service , being clear that depending on the competence industry email list of the criteria, more or less packs of 100 Vitalink visits were necessary. In about a month, the image was in the top positions. NOTE: Through one of the services that CTRbox has called Vitalink , traffic was sent to an image of the company, causing that image to rise from position 41 to position 3 in just one month. We managed to place our client on the first page of Google for a criterion where we had difficulty positioning a domain.

Highlighted the image carousel in the SERP once

URL due to its strong competition. In this case, once the GA Lists image. Was positioned, it was edited and modified to add the company name. Thus, when searching for the image on Google it is not a simple image. But you can directly see the name of the company. NOTE: This draws more attention and causes the user to. Search directly on the web. Ok, black on yellow is ugly as hell, but it is one of the best. Combinations to highlight a banner and draw attention to the user.

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