4, Apr 2023
We Also Gaine Our Experience By Managing Our

This will give you an idea of ​​which network strategies are working. Then you can transfer most of your funds to these channels, further increasing the effectiveness of the hotel’s advertising campaign. If you work with a good online marketing agency, it can be even easier. There are methods to track the number of clicks on the booking link from various sources. After the hotel advertising campaign, you will see at a glance how many customers came to you via e-mail, Facebook ads, Google Ads and the website. We recommend How to conduct an effective advertising mailing.

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Hotel advertising campaign – example Some time ago, as Commplace, we advise the inBetween hotel (more in the text describing consulting activities for the inBetween brand ). Locate near Lublin, the facility has its own SPA zone and allows database you to relax well close to the city, but in a very peaceful, green environment. At the same time, it struggles with the typical problems of most similar facilities, such as high crew turnover. Therefore, we focuse not only on making the communication strategy reach the outside, but also inside the company.


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We recommend Conversion attribution – a complicate term, simple operation The marketing audit and defining the goals made it possible to determine on which emotions and values ​​we will build the brand message. Once this was clear, internal GA Lists communication became much simpler. Employees knew what the company represente. What’s more, we manage to get them involve in personally building this message. This is a very important element that is often missing in the employee-boss relationship. Before you order your team to have a cordial approach to the client or order a casual, loose style at work, think about whether these values ​​are really present in the company. If not, you really expect the impossible from your employees.

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