18, Oct 2023
Which ranks Googles benchmarks alongside

The same short vertical video can be recycl on the different platforms of Meta TikTok and Google. Video production scales easily following a common r thread through blogs podcasts social mia posts and advertisements. The benchmark for a good video is not a TV ad but the most expert and helpful content your organization has produc for customers. If you can create entertainment value great! Since the beginning of a short video is a very critical factor it is worth doing a couple of tests on the same video by changing only the

First frame The same video

Can start with an experts talking head a familiar landscape a provocative or surprising statement… Feel free to experiment and let the results determine what kind of business database approach you choose in the final versions and in your next videos. If you are still in the starting stages of starting video production YouTube offers opportunities to advertise without your own moving image and soundtrack. Read also Video is a communication megatrend YouTube advertising is also possible without actual videos Are your heartbeats

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 Over time. The shorts content production experience is at a stage at least as far as YouTubes own subtitle itor is concern. It was possible to create subtitles for horizontal YouTube videos in YouTube Studio and GA Lists the creat srt files could also be us in videos on Facebook and Vimeo among others. In principle the itor also works for vertical videos but the text size is too small to read. In practice the subtitles of the Shorts video are made in the itor tools of other parties which is not a desirable situation for content producers and YouTube.

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