11, Oct 2023
Why send your entire posts by email?

Good hot morning! How are you? Good? I do. Listen, this thing about how hot it is, I don’t know if it’s happened to you, but you get up and look in the mirror and say “damn, I’m hot, I’ve lost weight!!” . And you go high until you drink the first glass of water and all the lorzas return to their place and then you discover that no, it’s that it’s so hot that you’ve dried out at night… Morning highs and disappointments… and summer ones … Eeeen end. But nothing, I continue with what I do, no one beats me to loving myself . And today, mine means answering a question that Juan José Díaz from Crealogic asked me the other day on Twitter: “ man, if you send your entire content by email, aren’t you losing traffic?” ”.

Email post sending options

How about we review what options we have to notify our subscribers that we have published industry email list new content? Because, that’s what it’s all about, right? Automatically send a statement with a link. Back when I started, a few months ago, this was the most common. It consists of configuring our WordPress so that it only shows an extract in the RSS feed so that, when sent by email automatically, the subscriber only receives the title, a short introduction and a link to “read more”. This does generate traffic, right? Send a cover letter for the post. A few months ago some bloggers began to realize that the previous model was not producing good results. People perceived how impersonal and almost useless this automatic statement was.

Reasons to send the posts in full

But you know what? I have always defended that the best way to do it is to send it in full. Traffic? Who cares if we talk about Engagement? Shall we debate it? The basic objective of any blogger To understand the decision we must first establish what our main objective is . What do we want to achieve? Traffic? Wait, think carefully before answering. Traffic? Don’t you mean your content is read (consumed)? Think about it. What good is traffic for you? What is traffic? If you asked me, I would say that GA Lists numbers that fluctuate on a tool that you barely look at (about 20 times a day) are nothing to me. What I want is for my content to be read. It is not like this?

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