23, Oct 2023
Would double every year although this

What this law expressed is that computer power. Would double every year although this empirical law was originally. formulated to establish that the doubling would take place every year later redefined it and extended the period to two years. Translated for us, what this character said, in 1965, is that the computer we buy today with $1 will have half the power of the one we could buy in two years with the same money. The direct consequence of this law for digital marketing professionals is that prices go down at the same time as capacities go up.

Will be within our reach in a short

What today seems impossible to achieve with our budget. Will be within our reach business database in a short time. To better exemplify the scope of  uses a very simple simile: in 1978, a commercial flight between new and cost about usd 900 and took 6 hours. If the same principles of  law had been applied to the commercial aviation industry; today that flight would cost about  and take less than a second. Technology is making man more and more outdated, which is why it is critical to understand everything from the basics . 2. The semantic web.

Web concept is that people worry about developing

What is sought with the massification of the semantic. Web concept GA Lists is that people worry about developing technologies that allow machines to understand everything we publish in the digital world. The objective is for computer applications to acquire the ability to draw conclusions that anticipate our needs from the information available on the network. The idea of the semantic web is based on the addition of extra data to each publication to increase its context. In essence, the semantic data that builds the new semantic web are additional components to improve the meaning of what is published.

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