Writing Metadata Examples and Best Practices

Be sure to end each of your meta descriptions with a clear call to action for readers, directing them to do something in particular. Use action phrases such as “learn more” or “watch it now.”

Overall, consider your meta description as an additional way to promote your content and use it to compel users to click through. This is where your SEO copywriting skills will be of value.

Best Practices For Writing Your Metadata

Underneath the meta title, a brief description will provide additional information about the Ws Data particular webpage. This is your meta description, and it is built to summarize the page’s contents and what the reader will gain from clicking through to it.

Again, a main keyword or variation needs to be included. The meta description usually consists of two full sentences, for a total of 150 to 160 characters, including spaces.

Much will depend on how it analyzes search queries and how you optimize the page.

Improper Use Of Metadata
There may be some individuals or businesses out there that improperly use metadata to attract a bigger audience. Such tactics include using misleading meta titles and descriptions to capture more attention and drive more traffic to a website.

When this happens, the content included in the metadata does not properly match what is on the actual webpage.

This improper use of metadata can not only confuse and irritate search engine users but can increase bounce rates and also put the webpage at risk for penalties by Google. It can also quickly reduce consumer trust in your site or your company.

Make it unique, original and relevant

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Determine what your main keyword will be based on your keyword research, then incorporate it into your meta title — near the beginning, if at all possible. If the keyword matches one of those in a query, Google is more likely to return your crafted meta description instead of locating text from the GA Lists webpage to show.

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