4, Apr 2023
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If you want to start an advertising campaign for a hotel, remember that it will not be an overnight task. You can choose from dozens of online marketing channels (not to mention those outside the Internet). It would be good if you use at least some of them. After creating your message base on the steps presente below, adapt them to: Google Ads, google maps, meta titles and meta descriptions in search results, content campaign, on-page SEO campaigns, social meia channels, paid ads in social meia, cooperation with influencers and bloggers, local meia, email marketing, SMS campaigns, advertisements on booking portals.

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Each of these places has a slightly different specificity, reaches different people and works in a slightly different way. It may turn out that traffic will actually come from one of the sources, but others will support the implementation of marketing phone number list goals. For example, ordering accommodation via Instagram is still rather rare. However, beautiful photos, hashtags and numerous markings make many people remember the name of the hotel and return to it when it is ready for a holiday or an event. Remember about the theory of touchpoints”points of contact” between the customer and the brand.

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It is easier for them to decide to stay in a hotel they have already heard about several times. Around keywords – how to choose them wisely GA Lists Is someone offering to promote you to the first place of search results for the phrase “hotel Warsaw”? Unfortunately, he’s probably lying. People who start working on a hotel advertising campaign, for example in a search engine, can easily lose their enthusiasm. It turns out that it is not enough to make a minimum of effort, and all the phrases that are worth attention have long been “occupie”. What to do then? Do you want to promote your hotel? Take advantage of our many years of experience.

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